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Why Fuel with Tucker Oil?

At Tucker Oil we pride ourselves in our ability to quickly respond needs of clients and provide the highest possible quality lubricants, oils, and fuels. Our large, experienced fleet can provide the fueling needs of any project, regardless of size.

Our transport fleet can deliver fuel loads anywhere in South Carolina.

Available Fuel Types

Regular Unleaded Gasoline
Premium Unleaded Gasoline
E-10 Gasoline
Non-Ethonol (conventional) Gasoline
Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD)
Dyed Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel
Heating Oil for Homes and Offices
Aviation Gasoline - 100LL

Environmentally Friendly Fuels

To protect our natural resources, Tucker Oil Company provides alternative fuels including E-85 ethanol gasoline and bio-diesel.

Fleet Express Card

Fleet Express Card

This card gives you the power to track real-time costs, mileage, and usage - all the information you need to efficiently mange your fleet. Use our card at Corner Pantry Stores and our bulk fuel plants, as well as other locations in the Midlands.

Oil, Grease, Hydraulic And Transmission Fluids

driver with lubricants

We supply lubricants to keep your machinery, and your business, in excellent working order. Wherever metal parts are creating friction, we have the right lubricant to protect your equipment. We carry all grades and types of lubricants, as well as quality greases, hydraulic and transmission fluids.

We provide other lubricants as well, including motor oils, special lubricants for industry, such as metal cutting oils, white oils for food-grade applications, and other commercial, industrial and agricultural use. We stock Shell and other leading brands.

Renegade Racing Fuels

Providing your racing team with the fuel you need to win! Renegade racing fuel comes in 5-gallon pails or 55-gallon drums. For more information visit the Renegade web site.